Desires, then God

How many times do we cry out in our hearts for desires? How many times when we cry out for those desires are they filled? Not wanting to lose a loved one or have to watch them suffer, mourning over what you can not have atleast in this moment or even season in life? A baby, a career, respect, finding true love, that our young children would behave or that our older children come to know Christ. There is a never ending desire in this world in each one of us. Rather it is to heal from our past and have understanding, to have God fill our desire in this season, or for God to take away the pain.

Every season in our lives it seems as if we have a new desire, a rekindled fire, a struggle, or even pain we would like for God to take away. But I am learning in this season in my life that there really should only be one desire that we should all have, that I am coming to the grips to let go and have. That is to desire to know my lord and The Lord all of my days and to love him more. In this I hope that I can no longer be distracted with temporary desires that God may or may not fill depending on His will in my life.

This will help with every season in my life. When someone does me wrong, what is God teaching me? When a loved one passes away, what is God teaching me? When I mourn for a desire I can’t have in this moment, what is God teaching me? Because I know now that God will never leave me. Like a teacher is silent when you take a test, so is our Lord when we are being tested. So remember that, God never leaves us and He is always for us.

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