Rejection and failure

When you are going through a season of rejection and failure it is almost always that a insecurity price tag will be attached to it. I heard a sermon one afternoon and learned that my season is God digging deeper into my life pulling out pride and any other impurities. What is shaken will be shaken so what is not shaken will remain. The greater the rejection and failure, the deeper the pain is. It is hard to see it during the process but all of it reveals the greatness of our purpose for God’s glory and kingdom.

Dealing with rejection from adoption was heart breaking, closed doors for helping others in your struggle to find those same doors open for others is soul crushing. Being at a still dark place in your life is not easy. Though my mind and spirit aren’t in darkness it is as though my life is in a season of pruning and some of my fruit has yet to pop out into the surface making them in the dark. Acts chapter 7, “Who made you ruler over us?” Moses thought that God would use him to deliver Israel but they did not understand him instead they mocked him for helping them. Moses fled but then 40 years later God did use Moses to free His people from out of Pharaohs hand. So even Moses went through a season of rejection and failure. With that in mind if we rise, we should rise in Jesus Christ because apart from Him we can do nothing. When we are struggling with insecurities we should run to spend time with our Lord for He is our present help in trouble, Psalm 46. So be encouraged to friends, our fears and insecurities fade too nothing when we sit at our Lord’s feet even in a season like this.


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