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The House of Faith for Women step activity

Lonoke Co. Jail

What we are doing

The House of Faith for Women

70Times7 meets weekly to facilitate/teach/fellowship with the women of The House of Faith. One of our board members will work with the ladies through “The 12 Step Spiritual Journey” book that shares scripture from the bible. Every new woman coming into The House of Faith for Women are provided with a Self-Care Bag full of name brand hygiene’s and a workbook to help them in class. The facility is provided with some relief in self-care items. 70Times7 also provides sponsorship, mentoring, and other services to these women.

Lonoke Co. Jail

A couple of our board members goes to visit Lonoke Co. Jail to teach/facilitate the ladies a class based on “The 12 Step Spiritual Journey”. Any of ladies who enroll to the P.A.C.T program receive workbooks and Self-Care bags are offered to all the ladies for when they get out per request.

Pending Projects

Stay tuned as we are expanding to offering more services and hoping to offer new services to our community. Parenting classes (in the works), conduct interview, personal finance, resume and job search, young adult 12 steps (in the works) and other life skill classes. With the help of our compassionate community, we will be able to set up a location in Lonoke County to provide these services weekly to the public.

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