Seek Higher Ground

 When your enemy tries to cut you down look to higher ground and you will find higher ground. Don’t waste fighting battles that are not your own. Did not Joseph seek higher ground rather than paying back evil to those who spoke and did evil to him? No, he gave it to God and looked to higher ground (Genesis 50:20). A lot of times we have thoughts of ourselves that we have given to God out loud. Then the enemy wants to take our weakness that we have given to God and turn it against us. Don’t scoop down to evil’s level. The enemy giving you a hard time, is God’s confirmation that He is about to raise you up from your weakness. Your being promoted to greater things. Its about our perspective on how we move on from spiritual warfare. Will we scoop to the enemy’s level to wrestle and loose or give it to God and let Him fight our battles, for all battles belong to The Lord. We should look at these attacks as God promoting us to something better. what was meant for evil, God turns for our good. For all things God works out for good (Romans 8:28). So trust Him today, for today is what we have, leave the battles of yesterday, today, and future to The Lord. Remember always my friends, God is for us and never against us. 

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